What is an Ant Poem, Anyway?

An ant resting on a leaf
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The bullet ant’s bite packs a wallop.
The pain is so bad that you’ll ball up.
You’ll feel ready to die,
So if they’re nearby,
Don’t be brave: turn and run at a gallop.

Ant poetry of this type is sadly neglected in the universe of human verse. The illustrious Ogden Nash did produce a little masterpiece about The Ant, and good for him, but few have followed his example. This will not do. We at AntPoems will work diligently (formicly, dare we say?) to unearth as many of these ant poems as we can and share them with you — and we’ll do our best to promote the subject, to encourage contemporary poets to add to the trove.

Ants at our picnic —
Tiny marvels of nature.
Hey, where’s my sandwich?

That one’s an ant poem in two senses, of course. Extra anty! Another example, of a different species:

The Library Book: A True Story of Poetical Tragedy

I plucked a book of poetry
from off the lib’ry shelf.
I sought a verse of levity,
to entertain myself.
But as I read, I shuddered,
and my teeth began to gnash.
Oh, the oaths and swears I uttered —
Someone’d torn out Ogden Nash!

Harrowing stuff — and only eight lines long! Quite antlike, indeed.



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Steven Stampone

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